It is the policy of the Company to:

  • Create an environment where people with different skills and attributes implement quality standards in pursuit of excellence.
  • Empower all personnel within the Longshaw organisation to accept and discharge a responsibility for quality.
  • Promote an organisational culture of success by getting it right, first time every time.
  • Make employees accountable for their own performance and commitment to achieving quality.
  • Always operate within the Company’s quality management system to ensure that all activities that affect quality are carried out under controlled conditions.
  • Carryout periodic reviews of the policy and take into account any changes that may be desirable in the light of current requirements.
  • Monitor and analyse quality indicators to maintain quality improvements to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.
  • Provide progressive and structured quality awareness training for site and office personnel.
  • Ensure that this policy is communicated understood and implemented by the total construction team.