It is the policy of this company to achieve the following objectives:

  • Protect the health, safety and welfare of everyone associated with its activities.
  • The need to eliminate hazards before health is damaged or accidents occur is of paramount importance.
  • The responsibility for implementing this policy rests with the company, its employees and others with whom it carries out business.
  • The management team has an unwavering commitment to ensuring safe and healthy conditions in our office and on site. The managing director has ultimate responsibility.
  • It is the management’s responsibility to adopt a positive approach to accident prevention and provide high standards of safety health and welfare while making operations and work places efficiently productive.
  • All personnel must be made aware that they have both a moral and legal duty to work in a safe manner and co-operate in creating a safe working environment.
  • The company will involve everyone in achieving meaningful and safe working procedures.
  • To maintain the company’s good safety record the detailed policy is communicated to all personnel who are trained and supervised in methods of safe